Home Study for September 23 through 28, 2013

Monday – Read Psalm 19:1-3
What is one way that God has revealed Himself to humankind?
Is there any place where God’s glory and truth cannot be seen?
Why has God revealed Himself so completely?
Why do humans choose to ignore what God has shown them?

Tuesday – Read Joshua 24:14-15
What choice was Joshua putting before the people?
What did he choose?
These are the two choices humans have faced since the Garden of Eden, who do you choose to serve?
How will that impact your life today and every day?

Wednesday – Read John 14:1-6
What does Jesus call Himself here?
What hope does this give us?
What does a person have to do to experience Jesus as the way, the truth and the life?
What is this passage saying to you? How will you respond?

Thursday – Read Luke 14:15-23
In this parable about heaven, how did the first invitees to the banquet respond to the invitation they received?
How did the man respond to his guests not coming?
Who got invited instead?
How does this give us a picture of God and His offer of salvation and life?
How does this passage challenge you? How will you respond?

Friday – Read Luke 15:1-7
How does Jesus feel about people who have not yet received the salvation and life that He offers to all people?
How does heaven respond when a lost soul chooses Jesus?
What hope does this give you? How does it challenge you?
How will you respond?

Saturday – Read Matthew 7:15-23

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