Home Study for September 30 through October 5, 2013

Monday – Read Luke 6:26
What do false prophets often tell people?
Why do they do this?
Why is this so dangerous?
What are some lies that false prophets and false teachers are spreading today?

Tuesday – Read II Peter 2:1-10
How do false prophets deceive people?
What is their motivation for doing so?
How will God deal with false prophets?
What does this passage say to you?

Wednesday – Read II Timothy 4:1-5
Why do people often listen to false prophets and false teachers?
Why is this so destructive?
How can we keep from being deceived?
What is this passage saying to you?

Thursday – Read Acts 17:11-12
What did the Bereans do when they head the teaching of Paul?
Do you think Paul was offended by this? Why?
What was the result of Paul’s teaching and the study of the people?
What truth can you take from this passage and put into practice in your life today?

Friday – Read II Timothy 2:15-19
What does it mean to correctly handle the word of truth?
How does that help us to be a workman approved by God?
How does it help us to avoid false teaching?
What is the only foundation on which we can stand?
How does this passage challenge you? How will you respond?

Saturday – Read Matthew 7:24-29

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