Home Study for January 5 through 10, 2015

Monday – Read I John 1:5-10
Why does John say that we deceive ourselves if we claim to be without sin?
How may we be forgiven and cleansed?
Is there any sin God won’t forgive when we confess it?
Are there any sins that you need to confess so you may be sure that you are
forgiven and cleansed? Take time to do that.

Tuesday – Read Psalm 103:12-13 and Jeremiah 31:34
How completely does God forgive our sins?
What confidence does this give you as you come to Him to be forgiven and
Give God thanks for being so forgiving.

Wednesday – Read Romans 8:26-28
Why does God work all things for good in the lives of those who love and
serve Him?
How can He do this?
When is a time that you saw God work good out of a painful or difficult time
in your life? What did that do for your faith?
What is God saying to you? How will you respond?

Thursday – Read Romans 12:1-2
How does submitting our hearts and lives to God as an act of worship and
help us to know His will?
How does knowing God’s will help us live in the present and the future?
How do these verses encourage/ challenge you? How will you respond?

Friday – Read Isaiah 40:21-26
What do these verses tell us about God?
What do they tell us about the things of men?
What hope do these verses give us as we face problems?

Saturday – Read Isaiah 42:5-9
How does this promise apply to us as God’s people today?
What hope does this give you for the ways God wants to work in and through
our lives as His people and His church?

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