Home Study June 4 through 9, 2012

Monday – Read Exodus 4:18-23

In verse 22 how what does God call His people Israel?

What then is His relationship to them?

What does this passage tell us about how God cared for His children Israel?

What does it tell us about how God cares for us today?


Tuesday – Read Psalm 68:1-6

What do these verses tell us about the power of God?

Why may we who know and follow God rejoice?

How does God become a father to the fatherless?

What hope does this give you?


Wednesday – Read Jeremiah 3:14-20

In verse 19, what kind of relationship does God say that He wants with His people?

According to verse 20, how did His people respond?

How can we avoid being unfaithful to God as our Father?

How does this passage challenge you?

How will you respond?


Thursday – Read Romans 8:12-17

How do we become children of God?

How should that impact and change our lives?

What is the difference between being a slave and being a child?

As heirs of God, with Jesus, what do we have to look forward to in our lives on earth and in eternity?

How should that impact how we live?


Friday – Read Matthew 6:5-15

How does Jesus describe God here?

What hope does this give us as we pray?

What warning does God give us in verses 14 and 15?

How should this passage change the way that you view God, yourself and others?


Saturday – Read Luke 3:1-20

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