Home Study for June 9 through 14, 2014

Monday – Read Isaiah 61:1-4
According to this prophecy, what did Jesus come to do?
Which of these things do you think people need to know today?
Which of these things do you need Jesus to do in you today?
Invite Jesus to work in you.

Tuesday – Read Romans 6:5-14
How does Paul describe the condition of the old self after coming to faith in Jesus? What does this mean?
What is the difference between living under the Old Testament law and living under God’s grace?
What is the Holy Spirit saying to you? How is He challenging you?
How will you respond?

Wednesday – Read Colossians 1:3-14
According to verse 13, from what has Jesus rescued us?
What has He brought us into?
How should we live?
What does Jesus want to do through our lives?
What is Jesus saying to you today?

Thursday – Read Genesis 2:8-17
What did God tell Adam he could eat?
What was Adam not to eat? Why?
God gives us freedom within certain limits. Why does He set those limits for us?
Have you been pushing any of His limits? What should you do?

Friday – Read Revelation 20:11-15
What two options does a person have for eternity?
What decision do we need to make to spend eternity with God?
How does our name get written in the “Book of Life?” (See John 3:16)
Who do you know who needs to believe in Jesus? Ask God to give you an opportunity to share Jesus with them soon.

Saturday – Read Philippians 2:1-11

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