Home Study for May 12 through 17, 2014

Home Study

Monday – Read Psalm 66:17-18
How does unconfessed and unforgiven sin damage our relationship with God?
How might our lack of communication with God increase our sense of fear?
How can we remove this barrier? (See I John 1:9)
How does this passage challenge you? How will you respond?

Tuesday – Read Philippians 4:6-7
How does making our requests to God help alleviate our fear?
Why can we experience God’s peace when we turn our fears over to Him.
How does this passage encourage you? How does it challenge you?
What will you do?

Wednesday – Read Psalm 18:1-6
How does David describe God here?
How did his understanding of God impact his response to the difficult circumstances he faced?
What does this say to you? How will you respond?

Thursday – Read Jeremiah 1:1-8
God called Jeremiah to speak His word against his people. What might Jeremiah have been afraid of?
What was God’s response to Jeremiah’s fear?
Is there anything God is asking of you that you are afraid of?
What is God saying to you about your fear?

Friday – Read II Timothy 1:6-10
What fears are you facing?
What encouragement do these verses give you?
What is God saying to you?
What will you do?

Saturday – Read Philippians 1:3-11
What hope does this passage give you?

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