Home Study May 14 through 19, 2012


Monday – Read Isaiah 45:1-6

Who is God using as His anointed here and why might this seem surprising?

According to verse 6, what is God’s ultimate plan for choosing Cyrus?

What hope does this give us?

How does this passage challenge you?


Tuesday – Read I Timothy 2:1-4

As Paul wrote these words the evil emperor Nero was in power and persecuting Christians. How does that put these words into


Why do we have a hard time praying for people/leaders who don’t agree with us?

According to verse 3, why does God call us to pray for those in authority?

How does this challenge you? How will you respond?


Wednesday – Read I Peter 3:13-16

What are we to always be prepared to do, in good situations or bad?

What is to be our attitude as we do that? Why?

How can we share in such a way?

What is Jesus saying to you? How will you respond?


Thursday – Read Psalm 19:1-6

How has God revealed Himself to all people?

Why do some miss it?

How might this open the door for us to share the reason for the hope  that is in us?


Friday – Read Psalm 96:1-13

Take time to list ways that Jesus has worked in and through your life.

Thank Him for what He has done and ask Him to bring to your mind those things when He has prepared a heart to hear them.


Saturday – Read Luke 2:21-40

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