Home Study Nov. 11th – 16th

Home Study Nov. 11th-16th  


Monday – Read Matthew 14:22-33

What is the disciple’s first response to Jesus?

How does Jesus treat doubt in this passage?

What happened when Jesus got in the boat?


Tuesday – Read Mark 6:45-56

What are the storms in your life?

How have you seen Jesus work in the storms?

What faith is displayed by the disciples in this passage?


Wednesday – Read Luke 24:36-49

Do you have your doubts about Jesus?

How does Jesus deal with doubt?

Do you have fear in your life?

How does Jesus confront those with fear?


Thursday – Read Psalm 29:1-11

What are we instructed to do in this passage?

Take time today to worship the Lord?

Today listen to the voice of the Lord?


Friday – Read Romans 10:5-21

Have you committed your life to Christ?

How do you know if you are saved?

Who does the Lord want to save?

Who can I share this good news with?


Saturday – Read Matthew 9:9-13 

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