Home study Oct. 28th-Nov. 2nd

Home study Oct. 28th-Nov. 2nd


Monday – Read Leviticus 16:29-31 & 23:32

What is the Sabbath?

Why is it important?

What are some highlights of Sabbath you have experienced?


Tuesday – Read Acts 13:2-3 and 14:23

Why do fasting and prayer?

What did fasting and prayers enable the believers to accomplish?

What have you seen the Lord do in your life when you fast and pray?


Wednesday – Read Nehemiah 13:15-22

What did Nehemiah do?

What is the problem in the passage?

What is the solution in the passage?

How can I apply the truth in this passage to my life?


Thursday – Read Jeremiah 31:1-40

What is God’s relationship with his people?

How are God’s people brought home?

How is Lament turned to Joy?

Do you see repentance and restoration in the text?


Friday – Read Luke 18:9-14

Please compare both men in the text.

Please contrast both men in the text.

Share your insights with someone today.

How can you apply the truth of this passage to your life today?


Saturday – Read Matthew 8:14-17

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