Home Study for October 13 through 18, 2014

Monday – Read Psalm 51:1-12
This is David’s prayer of forgiveness after being confronted with his sin.
Why does receiving God’s salvation bring us joy?
How can we live in that joy daily?
How can we restore that joy when we’ve sinned?
How does this passage encourage you? How will you respond?

Tuesday – Read Psalm 122:1 and Hebrews 10:23-25
How does meeting together and worshipping and serving with other believers produce joy in our lives?
Why is this important?
How do these verses encourage you? Challenge you?
How will you respond?

Wednesday – Read Philemon 1-7
What was the source of Paul’s joy here?
Who brings joy to you in this way?
How might you bring that same joy to others?

Thursday – Read II John 1-4 and II Peter 3:9
This letter was most likely sent to a specific congregation of believers.
How did John feel about those who were walking in relationship with Jesus? Why?
What does God want for every person?
What hope does this give you?
Identify some people in your life who need to come to faith in Jesus and commit yourself to pray regularly for them and to share the love and truth of Jesus with them as the Holy Spirit provides the opportunity to do so.

Friday – Read James 1:2-4
Where is God when we’re facing trials and troubles?
Why don’t we always see Him?
What is His purpose for the trials we face?
What hope does this passage give you?
How can you better partner with the Holy Spirit to grow in joy?

Saturday – Read Galatians 5:22-23

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