Home Study for September 15 through 20, 2014

Monday – Read II Chronicles 32:1-8 and 16-23
How great was the threat against the people of Judah?
In what did Hezekiah put his hope? Why?
How did God respond?
In what are you putting your hope? Why?
What might you need to do?

Tuesday – Read John 15:1-8
Where does our life and power for living come from?
What does it mean to remain or abide in Jesus?
How many times are we called to do that in these verses?
How might you abide more fully in Jesus in these days?

Wednesday – Read II Timothy 2:1-7
To what does Paul compare our life with Jesus in verses 3, 5, & 6?
What do these comparisons reveal about our relationship with Him?
To which comparison do you relate the most? The least?
Which is Jesus calling you to grow in in these days?

Thursday – Read Philippians 4:4-9
What should we do instead of worrying?
What will God give us if we do?
When we are in a difficulty or battle, where should we keep our focus?
What do you need to take to Jesus in prayer today?

Friday – Read John 14:15-17 and Romans 8:26-27
What does it mean for the Holy Spirit to be our counselor and the Spirit of truth?
When we don’t know how to pray who helps us?
What confidence does this give you?
How important is it for us to wait and listen for God’s answer when we pray?

Saturday – Read Acts 10:1-48

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