June Bugs



Spring time growing up was a time for exploring the world around me and finding wonder around every corner. It was also a time for June Bugs. These crazy bugs flew around and would often congregate around the screen door to our house. They were attracted by the light on our front porch and without fail each evening as we turned the light on a fleet of these guys would head towards the light. The trajectories they took often looked like a group of sleepy drivers weaving all over the place and up and down. They would strike the house, door, light, and anything close to it. In their rush to get to the light they often wounded themselves. They were so eager by what attracted them that they flew a bit recklessly.

                I wonder what our attraction to Christ looks like to others. Does it seem reckless? Do we look like a fleet of sleepy drivers weaving all over the place as we head to our destination? Maybe we seem like we are floating slowly towards Him? As we head into the summer season I hope that we consider what our desire for Christ looks like in our lives. I hope that we can find ourselves moving towards Him on a daily basis. Like clockwork I hope that when Christ shines His light on us we go flying towards Him and His love. I hope that we are a little bit more like June Bugs.

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