The Little Things Matter

Have you ever noticed how important the little things are in life? Pennies add up to dollars and dollars can add up to a new car. The first step can put us on the path of a great journey. A mere inch can mean the difference between a car accident and a near miss. And reading through the Bible begins with a single word.

Recently someone gave me the gift golf lessons. I have played through the years but I have never had lessons and if I ever developed anything close to a good swing I lost it years ago. The reality is that when I was on a golf course I simply did what worked. So after years of golfing with a swing that was more by accident than by design, at my first lesson the teaching pro and I decided we needed to start from scratch. So we worked on the proper grip, stance, flex of the knees, position of my chin, and all of the other little thing that make up a proper golf swing.

Through these lessons I have learned that just as 100 pennies makes a dollar, a good golf swing is the result of doing a lot of little things right. The same thing is true in our relationship with Jesus. We don’t want our walk with Jesus to be by accident, but by intentional design as we do the little things that make a difference.

Some of those little things include daily committing our lives to Jesus; spending time each day in prayer, speaking and listening; spending time each day in Bible study; seeking God’s leading in all of our choices and following as He leads; choosing to avoid sin and pursue righteousness; choosing to live with courage and to love with reckless abandon; and living to please Jesus in all that we do.

If we add all of these little things together, over time they add up to a life lived well for Jesus. However, like trying to have the perfect golf swing, we may not always do every little thing right every time, but if we will practice doing the little things every day, we will find that we will incorporate enough of them into our daily lives so that no matter what is going on or what difficulty we may be facing we can know and choose to do what God would have us do.

So many good things in life begin with a small decision and a small step and it’s my hope and prayer that as we take the steps we can in our relationship with Jesus, that we will experience more of the life that Jesus has for us. Keep praying, keep seeking and keep watching to see all that Jesus wants to do in and through you as you trust in Him.

Grace and Peace,


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