New Life

Guys! We have a son! The last two weeks have been amazing. We have totally fallen in love with this little guy. He is so special to us already. Grayson is a gift for us in this time of isolation and social distance. He reminds us of how new life works. We need someone to take care of us when we first come to Christ. Someone to guide us and help us get brought those first years of learning how to be. That is one of the blessings of the church. That we have older believers to show us the way and help us walk in it. We are blessed by God’s wisdom in calling us to childlike faith in the way we need others to help us on the journey. It teaches us humility and reliance on others. It also helps us learn the natural way of discipleship. I hope that you are still reaching out to your spiritual children in this time, connecting with them and helping them learn to walk in the way that they should!

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