This week I went to Surfside camp at Twin Rocks and the big thing we looked at overall that week was passions and how passions can help us get closer to God, and how some passions may distance us from God. For example, let's say you have a passion for music and you play on your church's worship team, or you play a sport and you use that sport to get closer to God through prayer. Those are good passions that help us get closer to God! But let's say you have a passion for drugs, or a passion for facebook and twitter and you can't go one second without it… and you are constantly doing these things sooo much that you kind of put God on the back burner and your passion has nothing to do with God. That is an example of a bad passion. Now I am not saying that those are the only passions out there in the world… there are soo many other things to be passionant about!  But for a moment, think about your passion or something that consumes a lot of your day….now think…. is this passion helping me grow closer to God, or is this passion standing inbetween God and me? If your passion is helping you stay close to God… then great! Keep it up! But some of us have a passion that is distancing us from God, and that isn't what God wants from us. Maybe your passion isn't nessicarily bad, but it is not helping you grow closer to God… if that is the case, maybe the problem is that your just spending too much time with that passion. Like me! Before i went to camp, I was constantly thinking about this new band I found out about and every waking moment i was listening to their music and watching videos of this band on youtube and I just couldn't get enough of this band. Now is that a bad passion? Not really.. I was just spending too much time thinking about this band when i could've been thinking about God and praying to him or reading my bible. Maybe your passion is bad… maybe your passion is drugs, alcohal, porn, something that could harm you or you know is not right, but you still do it anyway…. Those passions are very hard to overcome… and i am not gonna sit here and tell you how to overcome this, because i am no expert on how to overcome those types of things. But what i will say is that God loves you very much and has soo much more things instore for you than what you are involved with right now. Anyway, this week at camp may not have helped me grow spiritually, but it has helped me get back on track with God, and now I feel more passionant for God than I have for a while. I hope your having a great summer!!! =D

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