Please Pray for Ukraine!

Last Wednesday we had a guest speaker Named Jacoby. Jacoby and his wife Lera are missionaries in Odessa, Ukraine. If you don’t know, Odessa is the southern part of Ukraine.The picture below shows where it is exactly. It is part of the orange colored region. Here are some things that are going on in the Ukraine that stuck out to me.

One thing is that Ukraine has the most teenage alchohalism in the world. I found this very intresting. I never would have thought that out of all the places in the world that teenage alcohalsim being the worst would be Ukraine! It is a very scary thing  that is happening too much.

Secondly, there is a big problem with kid napping, and prostitiution in  Ukraine. Lots of teenage girls  will apply for a job and they will get kid napped and then be forced into prostitution. It’s very sad and not right at all. It is very disturbing. But unfortunantly, it is happening.

Next, Ukraine is hosting a soccer tornament of some sort I guess, and they have a bunch of stray dogs running around in Ukraine. If you love dogs a lot you may not want to read this because it is a bit distrubing, but they need to get rid of all these dogs. So what they are doing is they are injecting poision into them and they are waiting for them to die. Then once they die, they burn them in order to get rid of the bodies. It is really sick and I absolutoly 100% HATE it, but they have no money to put all of them in pounds and such, so that is the only thing they think they can do with them.

Lastly There is a very high drug use in the Ukrain expecially in Kids.

There is so much more to pray for, for the Ukraine. Please go to this website and learn more about what Jacoby and Lera are doing.

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