Renovation and Renewal



Some of you may have noticed that there is some work being done on the parsonage. We are currently working on redoing much of the interior. This means that walls, electrical, and our heat/air conditioning systems are all being worked on! This process has been pretty amazing to see. We are finding a bunch of neat things from the lives of those who have inhabited the space. Anytime you do a big project like this there are surprises and some of them are pretty cool! Old notebooks and pictures, odd construction quirks, doors hidden behind walls and all sorts of other things have been seen for the first time in years. As the walls are stripped and the carpets removed and the work of deconstruction shifts to the work of reconstruction the “real work” begins. Anyone can tear something down. It takes a craftsman to rebuild though. Someone who knows the job and has practiced and worked on projects like this before.

            As we lean on craftsmen for the reconstruction/renewal of the house we also lean on Christ for the renovation and renewal of our lives. We come to him needing to be reshaped and rebuilt. After years of hard use some brokenness is to be expected. As we invite Christ into our brokenness we may be tempted to hide the things that may need fixing. When the designer of the house comes back to do the renovations you are sure to have a good experience, and you certainly aren’t going to be able to hide the problem areas! Some things may be harder for us to let him work on but if we trust his vision for our lives then we give those long held things up. We may not be able to visual the finished product but Christ knows the beginning, middle, and end of our lives and we can trust him to do his best for us.  Let Christ work on your life and give his vision for you a chance!

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