Rooted and Connected



Many of us have had a chance to get a break this past month. Taking time to get away with friends or family at the start of a new season. You may have taken a trip or decided that staying home and resting was what was most needed for you and your family. I had a friend from college come and spend two weeks with me and we got the chance to explore a bit of the natural beauty of God’s creation by getting down to the Redwoods and checking out the Stout Grove! Seeing the amazing Redwood trees was a wonderful reminder for me of the power of strong connections. The roots of these great trees don’t go very deep but their strength comes not from driving deep into the earth and standing on their own, it comes from reaching out and building strong connections to those around them.

My hope is that you have had time this month to rest and reflect and reconnect. That God has been working in your life in this time of renewal. That Jesus’ resurrection means more for you than candy and family. The longing that you feel for connection is fulfilled in Jesus. This coming month I hope that we are able to reach out to Him and reconnect. To find our strength renewed and multiplied in His presence and love so that we can join what Jesus is doing to connect with the people around us. Each of us has an important part to play in this interconnected system of heart roots that Jesus is the center of!

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