Seeking Peace

As we go into this fall we are experiencing the changes around us. School is starting back up, we have a change of rhythm, and the weather is beginning to shift. Seasonal changes can feel tumultuous. They are often times of stress and frustration, but they are also times of growth and opportunity. They can be a time for us to set some new goals and experience some new things or follow through on some things we have been meaning to!

One of the goals I have this fall is to spend some time in our community. I have started by spending Tuesday afternoons at the Starbucks near the church. Most of the time I just read. The last couple of weeks I have been sitting with a couple of older men in the comfy chairs in the corner of the building and we have had some really good conversation. Talking about the changes they are dealing with and how that has been a difficult thing. I am hoping that in our conversations the Lord is helping me function as an agent of peace in their lives. As you go about your life in this season how might God be inviting you to something new? What places do you need to seek peace for yourself and others?

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