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This weeks song is The Cartoon Song by Chris Rice. In Sunday School on Sunday mornings all of us in from1st-6th grade would sing songs before we did our lesson and one of the really special songs that we all loved was the cartoon song, but we didn't have it on CD, so we would always have to have someone play it for us on guitar and there was only one person who knew how to play it. Then that person stopped playing it for us and no one was there to play it, so for a long time we went on without hearing the cartoon song and then in Jr. High we were sitting in class and we hear the cartoon song playing from the hall and all of us in that class looked at eachother and smiled and we asked our teacher if we could go out and listen to it because we hadn't heard that song for so long so it was very special.This song is just thinking about what would happen if cartoons were christian and they take many of the sayings that some of the cartoon characters say and they turn them into praises and it is just a happy song. Whenever I hear this song I always think of all the good times I had in sunday school when I was younger and it just makes me really happy, so I hope this song puts a smile on your face just as much as it does mine.

Chris Rice-The Cartoon Song-Snapshots:Live And Fan Favorites

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