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This week I went to Girls night in and the subject was self hate/ injury. Needless to say it was a very intense subject. If you are cutting/burning or hurting yourself in anyway… I REALLY encourage you to listen to this song!  This song has helped many get through their injury problems. This song is telling you that you are not worthless and Jesus shed his blood for you so you don’t have to. Jesus was mocked, spat on, accused of doing something he didn’t do, beaten, whipped, gambled on, and killed for a reason. He did that just for YOU! He did all of that for you. He went through all that trouble so you don’t have to. So hurting yourself isn’t going to help fulfill what he did for you.  So PLEASE again, if you or someone you know is hurting themselves, please listen to this song, it is called You Are More by Tenth Avenue North…

You Are More- Tenth Avenue North- The Light Meets The Dark

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