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But the servant was pierced because we had sinned. He was crushed because we had done what was evil. He was punished to make us whole agian. His wounds have healed us. Isaiah 53:5.¬† As we all know this week is Easter and I wanted to post a song that always really touches me during this time of year. The song is called Redeemer, Savior , Friend. It is preformed by David Kauffman. This song is about how when Jesus was going on to die, he did it for his children, he did it for you. This song really puts the emphisis on how Jesus was thinking about you in particular when he went to die. I also¬†personally think that people dwell a little too much on Jesus dying around the Easter season. You know what Easter is the celebration of right?… Jesus rising from the grave because he is lord of all and can conqur anything! It is important to relize that Jesus did die for you, but also, we should rejoice that he came back and went to Heaven to prepare a place for us. So I really encourage you to really close your eyes and take time to let this song sink in during this Easter season and any other time too. I just find it really powerfull to listent to around Easter and that is what makes it special to me. So here you go-

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