Summer Time!

As we head into this season many of us find ourselves very busy! We have school finishing up, we are looking into trips and visits, we are worrying about when Fire Season will start, and we are trying to get outside to enjoy some sunshine and clean air while we can. “Strike while the iron is hot” is an old saying that means go while you can, do while you can, or get while you can. It encourages us to take advantage of the right conditions. Often in life we want to wait until we are ready to take the shot but we often don’t feel ready when the conditions are right. Waiting to go until we are ready to go often means we miss our window of opportunity. This summer as things start to heat up, I encourage you to “strike while the iron is hot.” To take the opportunities that come your way. God is giving us moments to share His love and His kingdom with those around us. Are we going to take that opportunity or wait until we feel ready and possibly miss our chance?

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