The Right Stuff



I just got back from being fitted for my required uniform to be an official Medford Fire-Rescue Chaplain. I am excited to take this step to serve our community and reach out to those in crisis situations. It is a great chance to connect more with our area and build relationships for God’s kingdom. To do this effectively I need to have the right stuff. I need to get a bag together with all the things I might need on a call. I need to get the uniform. I need to make sure people know who I am and what my heart is for this ministry opportunity.


            As Christians we need to get similarly kitted out. We need to get the uniform (Christ’s Righteousness) and have the tools necessary (Holy Spirit as our guide) in order to serve effectively in the Kingdom. These things help people identify us and understand what our purpose is in this world:  to know Christ and make Him known. We are representatives of a larger organization, we are in service to it, we are not in charge but are connected to those that are. We need the right stuff to do this well. This season of Lent leading up to Easter is about Jesus and the temptation, denial of self and connection to God. We take our old lives and lay them before Jesus and He provides us with new ones that identify us as part of His Kingdom. I hope that you take time to reflect on what Jesus calls you to and offers you.


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