Think Thank

November is the month we have set aside to consider our lives over the past year and give thanks. Some of us have a lot of things to be thankful for: new lives joining our families, new opportunities at work, new friends, and new homes. We like the new. These things stick out to us and they haven’t lost the novelty of being a recent addition to our lives. Take away the “new” and what do you have? Family, opportunity, friendship, and houses; something doesn’t have to be new for us to be thankful for it. One of the biggest dangers in our society is that we jump from one new thing to the next and all of the things we used to be so grateful for seem to lose their luster.

What we have doesn’t lose value because something new comes along. Our relationships don’t suddenly become less important when a new one is added. Our economy works on the idea of scarcity and planned obsolescence; there are only so many of the thing you want and what you have will be out of date in a year. Somehow that has transferred to other areas of our lives. We put limits on love and our relationships are only good until a “new model” comes along offering new features. Instead of buying into the “new” culture let’s think thankfully about what we have and consider ways to continue investing in the relationships that have shaped our lives.

Take some time to make a list of the things/relationships you have that you are thankful for. Keep that list somewhere you can see it often and be reminded about who and what you are thankful for!


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