Use the Wind You Have

Now, I know you are wondering why a guy from Kansas is going to talk about nautical technique and wind, and you would be right to think, “what does this guy know about sailing?” Well, let me tell you that I have had a fascination with Tall Ships since I was a child. I have listened to dozens of audio books about the subject and spent way too many hours watching nautical films or documentaries! I tell you all that to let you know that I have some (secondhand) knowledge about this subject. Anyway, there is a process in sailing known as tacking, this is used when the wind is blowing from the direction you want to go. You can’t sail directly into the wind so you have to “tack”, which means you put your sail at an angle to the wind allowing you to move in the desired direction, then when needed you turn back the other direction and sail in a kind of zig zag which allows you to continue towards your destination even when the wind is against you.

I explain all that because now is the time for us to tack. The “wind” of the world is not allowing us an easy sail right now. We are dealing with a lot of things that try to impede our progress. We feel separated and singled out, we need community but are told it could put those we want to be with in danger, we want to continue to grow in the Lord but don’t feel like we have the support we need, and many more! However, just because these things are pushing against us doesn’t mean that we can’t continue towards the goal! We just have to tack, to change our angle and keep moving forward using the wind we have. God is still calling us onward and we can continue to follow that call, it just might look different than it has before.

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