In The Garden

 The chard that over wintered has been producing well, but it is starting to bolt.  I have taken out a few plants and am replacing them with new starts.  Get fresh chard while it is still going before it bolts or wait for the new.
The snap peas in the front bed show an amazing difference between the ones I started in a cold frame and transplanted compared to the ones I direct planted shortly afterwards.  They are starting to bloom!  I have decided to try beans the same way.
One more bed finished and one to go!  Gardeners are planting now and we have two new youngsters excited about gardening with their parents.
I was doing some work at the compost bin and saw where corn that was left on stalks after last year had fallen on the ground and are now sprouting, so I planted our first block of corn.
Potatoes survived the last mild frost and are doing well.  Three weeks before our average last frost date.
Hope you are having fun too!

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