Home Study for January 14 through 19, 2013

Monday – Read Psalm 34:1-10

Which of these verses give you the most comfort and confidence today?


What does God do for those who worship and seek Him?

What do you need God to do for you as you serve Him today?


Tuesday – Psalm 34:15-22

Which of these verses speak directly to your heart and life situation?

What will God deliver us from?

How complete is God’s deliverance?

Tell the Lord what you need Him to do in you today.


Wednesday – Read Psalm 27:1-6

How does David describe God in verses 1 and 2?

How did that affect his outlook toward his troubles?

Why was he confident even when being attacked?

What hope do these verses give you?


Thursday – Read II Corinthians 1:8-11

How does Paul describe the opposition he and Timothy faced?

What did they rely on for their deliverance – on what did they set their hope?

Where have you set your hope? What difference does it make to you?


Friday – Read Romans 8:28-39

Who or what did Paul say could separate us from God’s love?

Why is that true?

What is threatening you in these days?

What does God want to do in your circumstances and life?

Invite Him to work in you according to His love and will.


Saturday – Read Nehemiah 6:15-7:4

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